Quotes; Times I have experienced…


Hey guys! So, As I wrote in one of my previous posts I wrote that I will be posting some quotes and things that I realized did happen with me.

So, the image I just pasted in the start, really relates with m.
So, at the aging time of 5-7, I have given loads of television advertisement auditions and once for the famous Bollywood Movie, Hindi Medium. I small role, just 1 dialogue. Thereafter, for the first time, I got selected. Not lying or making it up. All pure truth.

But, you know what, the scene got edited.

It was so disappointing, I can’t explain in writing or speech.

But, now it redirected me to something better, I found out, I was good at Guitar, Magic tricks, and of course, writing!
If I was not here living a simple life, I don’t think I would have known so much about myself. I don’t think I would have known about Vat19 either!


Or Randomonium…

( Oh , these guys are Wowza! )

Randomonium. These guys are just Wowza!!!

Well, so always rememer, whenever in life you think you are getting rejected, you are actually getting redirected to something even better.

‘Till Next time, keep Reading, keep Smiling!


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    1. Aadya singh says:

      Thnks mam👍

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