Poems Evergreen…

What Is Evergreen Content & Why Should You Care?

So here are a few of my poetic creations through words….

Hope you like them!

Write. Period.

Write when you feel like it,
Write when you don't.
Write when you live up to it,
Write when you don't.
Write when you live up to it,

But maybe you won't.

Write with a thought,
write with some feel.
To write is afterall,
better than lips sealed.

Some would think alike,
Some never would.
Your works namely to some,
To some misunderstood.

Maybe about your life,
Write about your deeds.
Write out of dire necessity,
It is afterall,

What your soul needs.

-Aadya Singh

The Gnome Memory

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As she sat under the starry sky, with the gnome memory in hand, taken aback, 
Even it was late, she wasn't ready to hit the sack.

'She lost her family, has turned really disconsolate,' stated the people who she knew,
But she was the only one to be known of, what she really had gone through.

Was gifted the gnome from all's behalf, with all heart and pride,
And was said that it would be lucky,
But she thought the luck now left and sat aside.

But her bloodline wasn't just any old,
Had gone through genteel poverty, and till present the respect didn't mold.

The names of the ménage was also quite spesh,
Had names of the heavenly bodies , and all the stars beautiful which look like the sky's mesh.

For years and years, since they left her, she tried to find them in the dark azure,
But now lost all hope, knew won't find them, for sure.

But for this eventide, she had the gnome memory in hand,
Helped the turtle out from
the sand.

She saw some one, who she loved most.
Today she was in ecstasy 'cause she believed her diligent care didn't go in vain,
She was the happiest of all ,for in the stars, she found her mother  was with her once again.

                                                                                                                             -Aadya Singh lo

Why do people write?

How to Write Sonnets in Poetry - Mibba

Why do people write?

To make themselves smile , right?

But what do they write?

Words that give away everything at first sight.

But for whom do people write?

At first, & always , for themselves ,to make them live happily,

or for might!

Keep smiling. 


Terrifying word it seems,but to the ones who look deep enough,
It means more than the naked eye could see.

Thought of as all about fight,battle and bloodshed,
Eyes with envy, conflicts behead.

But if eyes of love,this might be terrifying-ly glee!

Oh not saying about the good for the land,people and economy,

But look at the battle with ourselves to make us some better,
to make us a little happy, more,

a little fun, more,

a little liveable, More.

Look more than the naked eye could see.

– Aadya Singh

The door

She looks at him with eyes of the glee,
and a heart craving dreams,
“Step through,and let’s enter the other side,
Where the lost and found all unite,
Where we-“

when he cut her off,
“But who knows, what hauntings it hides?
The deep darkness, the gloriously terrifying tides?

What if we get stranded on the ocean floor, with ocean eyes, after stepping through the door?
What if we end up untied,
which is way worse, what if the world doesn’t abide?”
She replied,

“Oh those who don’t, can go to hell,
I don’t care,
all I need is you.
I have got all the happiness in the realms and everything I need as long as I have you by my side. “

And so she convinced him too,
Lost in each other’s eyes, hand in hand,
stepped into the other side.

-Aadya Singh

Black and White…

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Black and white, one is dark, so the other is light.

Black stands for darkness, sadness and fear, like on a peak of the highest mountain, standing on its mear.

While the other stands for plain and fresh, and sometimes the path is clear.

There   are many other different colors too, which stand for many other things, and some are created each day of the year.

All I want to say, through all these words, is that each one is different and a different soul is there in every individual.

Aadya Singh

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