All About me…

About Me

It all started long ago when I was in Class I, or maybe II. I wrote a story all by myself for the first time.

As time went by, I kept on writing my versions of some folk tales and other ones which I heard or read.

The cycle of time went on and it was here that we got stuck in the house; You know the unforgettable lockdown due to nothing else but, you know, coronavirus.

That is when the magic took place…

My aunt; Ms. Pallavi Singh, 2 years ago started her blog site on WordPress, with the name of “Crayon N Words”. She now gave me the idea for it, and now with all her and my family’s blessings and support, I am known as “Aadya Pens”.

Good day, dear reader! Myself Aadya Singh, a Class 7 student, and a blogger, with a great passion and love for reading and writing.

I hope you like my content, and wish you a good day!
Thanks for visiting!

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