Part 1-Accedence

“I am done, totally I cannot bear any of your other insane ideas-“

“10 million”


“I know your part in this whole thing is gonna make you face a damn load of loss, so 10 million bucks. Take my word,10 million dollars, the day we get out of here.” Clearly, that was (so) out of reach for Brienne, but she was ready to go beyond her status to convince the blonde in front of her. She knew any amount of money wouldn’t be a good idea for doing so, but she had no other choice.

“Seriously Brienne? You think money is the only reason I am not with you? Well, it is one of them but mostly, no. The reason is that this is a fact of our lives. And I care for you two, why would I mind if I had to be spending for everything. It’s just, If they found out, we’re gonna be stuck here for the rest of our lives! What’s the point of doing all this if we are just going to be stuck here” Macayla snapped.

Living in this hell of a boarding school sure, she wanted to join to get out of here, but it just wasn’t logically possible to trick the security system. And risking all of the pocket money she’s been saving for years? Nah…

The redhead and blonde were just going to continue their discussion when they hushed as the third in that old greenhouse spoke up.

” It is possible. Sure it’s gonna be horrendously hard, but I am down. Life’s been a little boring anyway, I don’t mind a bit change.”

“Wow” the other two gasped in unison to the statement of the brunette.

” Care to explain ‘how’ exactly life has been boring?” Macayla lifted a brow. “With such heck load of work, how do you get the time for being bored? And you, Brienne, don’t you think you exaggerated a bit on the 10 million part?” Yes she said all of that at once. That’s what happened when her temper was getting out of hand, and right now the situation pushed all her buttons down.

“Mac, all we ever do is work. Work here, work there. So when life has been minimised to work, eat, sleep, repeat, it’s very sensible to label it boring” Abby said as she combed her dusky hair out of her face. She was originally named Abhigna, but since it was a little tricky for the people around to pronounce that name, she modified it to Abby. At first when she came to Astrid High, it took a while for her to adjust as an outlander, but now she was as used to the place like all the others.

“For the next part of your question, remember the vintage garland my aunt gifted me?” Brienne began. “Yeah I am pretty sure it’s worth a lot of money now. 10 million was just an estimate.

Come on Mac, you know we need you.”

The golden lock-ed paused for a minute, then sighed ” Oh all right, I am in.”

“All right then!” Abby clapped, “Brienne, you’re the hands, going to guide through all the physical matters, Macaulay you’re the feet, going to take care of the maps and transport, and I am the brain. What do we think?” She beamingly dictated, as the other two agreed. “Well then, the game is afoot”

Hey dear reader, Aadya here. I hope you liked this piece of my imagination, let me know if your interested in more parts of this!

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