Got 5 minutes? Pls read this!

Hey everybody, how are you doing?! I hope everything is going fine.

I had a few questions that I want to ask the wordpress community, just like I wanted to know the opinion of people, how they think as writers and maybe as well as readers. So it will mean a lot to me if you could take 5 minutes from your time and maybe answer these questions in the comments. Thank you!!

01) You just saw a book, it somehow intrigued you. What would that book look like?

02) Now you’ve got your book’s apperance, what do you expect its content to be about?

03) When you think of a good read, which book comes to your mind?

04) Which ”genre”of writing do you like the most?

05) If you had to choose one, amongst Fantasy, Mystery or Fiction, which it would be?


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