Today’s the day…

It’s CID, CID oh yeah! ( Michel Jackson🎶)

Sooo if you don’t know, CID is the best holiday, something we look forward in our school, class to be specific. Its beautiful.

It’s been our tradition to live the most today. CID ; Children’s Independence Day. The day it’s your last exam…



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  1. oh when i saw CID written in your post I WAS LIKE>.. ugh LOL.. that’s really cool, but there’s no system like that at my school! *congrats* BEST wishes for the new school session! XDXDXD

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    1. Aadya singh says:

      Lmaoo….but thnks, and yeah, we made it ourselves!
      So just wish each other, and sleep! Do whatever u want, no one cares!

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  2. Yes! But it must be more fun if would have been in the school and enjoyed with friends

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  3. Aadya singh says:

    Yes, it sure would have

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