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Writing this post, while listening to my favourites, couldn’t be better.

Writing, sorry typing, this sitting on a little chair, in a hotel room in Mussoorie, couldn’t be better.

Me, mum, papa, bhai, came up to Dehradun, to attend a wedding, and also for my mum n Papa’s college friends’ reunion sorta thing.

Now, this place is where, i was born! Ya, Dehradun’s my birthplace.

I was longing to go somewhere, like on a trip, so after attending the wedding yesterday, we came up to Mussoorie.

So, i wonder, i have changed so much!

Like of course, who thought, life would, change so much..


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  1. Very nice place to visit and recollect your memories and get recharged. By the way, did you meet Mr. Bond ?

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    1. Aadya singh says:

      Well, it is on top of my to do list!

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  2. Accha teri tabyat thik hogayi

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    1. Aadya singh says:

      Bro almost, and anyway, the plan was made urgently, so we just… Came..lolz

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