Magic; a big part of my life…

So guys, guys, guys. I am so excited for this post!!!!!

I have been into magic since I was very young. My dad used to show me magic tricks by Dyanamo ALOT.

Sometimes we would cuddle up and watch Dyanamo’s show at night right before we used to sleep.

I begged to him to show me the show.

Now when I am 11, I just had to start up with magic by my own. Just had to.

The thing was, I never expected my mum and dad to buy me a deck of cards, but they did!

Since then I am known as a witch or a ‘Jadugarni’ (enchantress or female magician in Hindi), but I consider myself as just a beginner magician.

Now, now ,now, here comes the part I am most excited about;

3 jan 2021

The adventure will be continued…

Keep Reading, Keep Smiling!


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