Do I have a brain?

Hey guys! it’s been a long time I’ve actually written a long post ( ok that was a very bad pun )  but the question you all must be thinking about is,.      This post’s title ( ok now this was a good one! ).    So let’s just take a dive into the past, only a few days back….( Wait, how am I supposed to dive? The swimming pools are closed and I am not a MILLIONAIRE to have a pool at MY House? )

So it was all going good, everyone was very excited for raksha Bandhan. Now my mama I was just thinking about what he is going to gift to the three of his sisters and the cousin sisters  and the people least bothered about this were………. My little brother and my cousin sisters. What?

One of them is going to turn 1 after 1 month, and another one of them is still younger than my brother and my brother himself is a 3 year old, turning 4 this year and all the 365 days of the year he will say ” its my birthday, its my birthday!!!” but the day on which it is ACTUALLY his birthday , he’d be like, no it’s not my birthday! It is the neighbor aunty’s birthday!

So let’s get to the point.

So it was the time of the year the teachers were going to to ask us for for the PDF of a notebook work,  because half yearly are coming,.  and time for the subject enrichment and multiple assessments.

So for SST, we got an activity in which our  puts us in groups according to our roll number, and then each group had to you act like they are the members of legislative assembly,mso because of that to discuss, my fellow classmates and I decided to have a meeting everyday you know discussing about our speeches and everything from our group.

Now you must be thinking, Aadya why to have a meeting and al this? It is because we will get marked for this!

On the second hand our teachers send us a circular which was for the inter club skit competition.

So all the students in the school have been divided into different clubs, like legends, victors, leaders, elites etc.

3 jan 2021

Ok ok ok ok ok ok….

Pause, pause, pause ,pause!

I wrote this draft, ages ago!!!! So this post will be continuing soon.

Keep Reading, Keep Smiling!


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