Aesthete blogger award!

Filarance! Dear, dear, dear god! I am telling you she is one of the sweetest people I found on this whole platform!!!!!!!!

This post is not a respond one, but to tell you how I actually was nominated for it.

Its a very small, but very valuable incident for me.

It was 7 oct, and my tablet beeped. It was a notification. I read, it was of Filarance’s new post, which was the respond one for the same award.

So I viewed, and commented. Without thinking anything, after congratulating her, I mentioned that I am still waiting for my first blog award.

Well, yeah I was!!

And thanks again to mam, that she always takes out her time, and writes a heartly reply. And guess what? She edited her nominees, and added my name!

Like, look at that! How, like how, in this whole world… How in the name of Merlin’s favorite fluffy bathrobe, this happened????

And I am more than grateful to mam for that.

So yeah, that’s how I got my first blog award!

And yeah, yeah, I will write the response post soon.

Till then,

Keep Reading, Keep Smiling!


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