Radisson Blu, Bareli!


I totally accept that I am the the worst at making time based commitments. But ok, we will just start of again…

So these days, I am staying in Radisson Blu Hotel, in Bareli. We had to visit the city due to some of my mum’s work, well no need to talk about that, its kinda boring😛

We are here since 23rd of Nov and till now it has been amazing!!!

*There is nothing to do, but so much to see, and just **reeelax!

* Since my mum has to go, me and my dad and bro just stay in the room, all day! So you know, there is nothing for us to do! ( Laughing Quietly  to Myself🤭 )


** Reeelax Mr elf! Its early!

At the moment I haven’t clicked any (good) photos, and all the ones I have are just… Outta focus.

Now I will just click some pictures an, aaaaaaaaa!!!!





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