Is it really a piece of cake?

Hey guyszzzsssszzsszszsz! Yes I am back! So, ya. I know its been a long time I have uploaded a long post ( my old bad signature pun ).

Soooooo, the post “Is it really a piece of cake?” Will be coming very soon, but before that there is some news!

pretty soon my new guitar is coming into the house!!!

And I am so excited! I will be making some music covers, some originals, and have them here for all of you! And maybe on YouTube ( is that what I said last time as well? Nevermind 😅)!


And there is also one surprise for all of you stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Congrats!
    I think a podcast will be good to go with.

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  2. Aadya singh says:

    Maybe one day, you will get to hear it! I am thinking of these kind of ideas!

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