I wrote a song?


Hey guyszzzsssszzsszszsz! It’s true! I wrote a song!

It’s about me, and my life, along with the continuous time…..

Plus, on my birthday ( Landing on my exam’s preparatory leave, as expected. ) I am getting my new Guitar! Gonna compose it, and get you my song pretty soon!

Maybe on YouTube!

So stay tuned!!!!!!!


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  1. Harsh Prakash says:

    Hey! Aadya you have to first reveal the song in the class 1 day before in the class group

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    1. Aadya singh says:

      No thanks, it wouldn’t be suprise then….and also, I don’t want to tell anything about it in the class….just want some peace these days……I hope you understand…

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      1. Harsh Prakash says:

        Yes I understood clearly and that was literally a kind of joke

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