Me and my guitar 不 #part2


Guys i wanted to tell you this information since a very long time but because i was not posting those days i couldn’t.

So what happened I was attending my guitar class which is from school, and what we use to do, is that sir provides us with the guitar tabs and notes and when we have practiced them in you know

10- 15 minutes we have to play it and he used to, you know tell us that what we have done well and what needs improvement.

Animesh sir told us to practice the guitar tabs which we already have done and he gave me the song raabta.

Since in the previous classes I have done that song, it wasn’t the big deal for me, I thought.

But when I started playing it, it didn’t sound alright. Doubtfully I asked sir to listen to it, he said maybe my guitar is not tuned.

I tuned it, but it sounded the same. Tuned it again, just to be sure, but all the same.

Then sir told me to show him my guitar’s neck from side ways.

He told me my guitar had a bend.

Because of the bend, the distance between the strings and the fretboard was way much than it should be, and so I wasn’t able to play it all these days.

He told me to give it to the guitar shop and get it fixed and it will be alright.

Well now because of the lockdown, we are not able to take it, but I am sure we soon will get it fixed.

You know, a teacher is always a great help!!!!



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