Me and my guitar…

Welcome back to my blog guys!!!

I did add the three exclamation marks, but I am not that excited at the moment….

Am a little frustrated, just in my room, with me and my Lil brother’s toys surrounding the place, with my guitar, lying on the bed…

You know, it’s not easy. Not the tidying of the room, it already is clean. I mean the guitar. Well, not just the guitar, but all the instruments, learning them is a great big challenge.

You see, earlier, I had a lot of enthusiasm, and excitement about it, but all that is just kind of fading away. All since I met the challenges which were waiting for me….

It’s a very little problem, my fingers now really hurt while playing. Not just it, now each and every time I put my hand on the instrument, it just isn’t as it was before…

It might seem like, ” It is just fingers!!! Why to be so FRUSTRATED about it???”

I am so because, since his happened, I was not that regular on my guitar, which is now really causing a drop of confidence in me….

I just felt and feel, it’s over, and am scared for it cause I want to play. My guitar is emotionally very connected to me, so I just don’t want to stop learning and playing and my little cousin, she is not even one, but she loves me playing… So I should keep Playing, I think. Atleast for them…

All these things were hovering in my head, and also my mother’s saying that ” The guitar is like Saraswati. If you won’t take its good care, play it for long, regularly, you won’t be able to be with for long or learn it.”

Well I am at the moment hugging my guitar while typing on my phone and wishing if it was real… We could than chat, help each other out, have a good time…..

I just read a quote by Jimi Hendrix;

Sometimes you want to give up the guitar , you’ll hate the guitar. But if you stick with it, you are gonna be rewarded.

I think, it is true.

But I still need time……

Guys if you have a ny suggestions for me, the comment section is always open. I really need help regarding this….Well
Stay safe and secure and have a nice day
Keep Reading, Keep Smiling.


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  1. Hey, Aadya.
    You know, focus on the tune, that was released by the guitar. Focus on it’s happiness when you feel that ‘Dhun’ or whatever it is.. you know u have to go through the pain to achieve the happiness. You can relax your fingers by putting them in cold water I guess… Watch youtube videos, may be it will help you.
    I hope it will somehow help you..I tried my best 🙂

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    1. Aadya singh says:

      Thanks alot mam…..


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