Believe in dreams…

Hello everyone again and here is a beautiful poem I found while searching on the net by Ekaterina Polishchuk….hope you like it!

Believe in dreams when you`re alone,

When nothing makes your soul smile,

If you don`t want to speak by phone

And read by own written file.

Believe in dreams when tears are falling down,

When people hate you for unusual thought.

Believe in dreams if you`re a funny clown,

Believe like all philosophers were taught.

Believe in dreams and sun will shine so bright,

You`ll get miracles from a friendly hand.

Believe in dreams, you shouldn`t go and fight,

You`ll go with me on this way till the end.

Believe my friend in clumsy, noisy mind,

In each love story you have got inside.
Believe in me and stand in angel`s side,

You`ll see my light is wonderful and bright.

– Ekaterina Polishchuk


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