Ah, Selfies!


Oh what a hardwork! Taking a selfie. Right. Taking a selfie. It surely is harder than taking a picture with rear camera! But I simply get a perfect picture, I mean SELFIE. Tried hundreds and thousands of times, never was able to click even one picture of myself for some post on the blog. You know, I can’t post me not looking even like the ‘G’ in good!

So what do you think about SELFIES? Mention in the comments!😎


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  1. stuff and poems says:

    Haha, honestly, even I take selfies for official photographs 🙂

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    1. Aadya singh says:

      👍Well, Good night!

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  2. stuff and poems says:

    Good night kiddo. 💛

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  3. Love Alone says:

    Reblogged this on Love and Love Alone.

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  4. I don’t take one selfie a day but instead many selfies in a day!

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  5. Ananya🧩 says:

    This is just weird us with better magnification of our faces put up on 3×4 screen!😎🤪😂😂

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      1. Ananya🧩 says:

        *shaking my head up and down in agreement*🤪😂

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      2. Aadya singh says:



      3. Ananya🧩 says:

        Raising my hand high for an Online high five!😎😂

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      4. Aadya singh says:

        Same here!


      5. Ananya🧩 says:


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