What a beautiful day it is, isn’t it? Together with the company of this beautiful moment, let’s discuss something very important but interesting…

Today, we are going to talk about Maya.Now, wondering, what this Maya is?

Maya, literally “illusion” or “magic”,has multiple meanings in Indian philosophies depending on the context.

In later Vedic texts and modern literature dedicated to Indian traditions, Māyā connotes a  “magic show, an illusion where things appear to be present but are not what they seem” .

Māyā is also a spiritual concept connoting “that which exists, but is constantly changing and thus is spiritually unreal”, and the “power or the principle that conceals the true character of spiritual reality”

So, Maya  exists in all ours’ lives. To understand this concept better, here’s a story which is about Sage Narada’s curiosity

towards Krishna’s Maya, And how the God himself gives a great example of his own creation, Maya.

I heard it in HG Amogh Lila Prabhu ‘s video about Maya.Here’s the link for the same.

It is a must for a better understanding about Maya…

So, let’s get back to Krishna’s Maya…

Rishi Narada, during a conversation with Bhagwan Krishna asked,                                    ” Prabhu, What is this Maya? I have seen many struggling with it. So, what is it basically?

“Oh I see, Maya. But let’s talk about something else.” Replied Krishna.

“Prabhu, but please. I really want to know what it is!”

“Narada, I appreciate your curiosity, but we better not talk about it.”                   Again Krishna tried to change Narada’ s mind, but Rishi Narada was stubborn at this point.

So,at last Krishna said to Narada,      “Alright. Let’s just go for a walk. I will tell you soon.”

Then they began. They walked for miles and miles until they took a sudden halt, in middle of a dessert.

“Narada, I am feeling very thirsty. Can you please search and get some water?”

“Sure, Prabhu! I will go and you will have your water in no time!”

He walked for quite a long time. Now, he saw a well in front of a little hut. He went to the hut to see of there is someone home.        Came out a charming young woman, as she gasped. Narada Muni himself visited her! She welcomed him, took his Aarti, and made him sit in a comfortable place.

Narada was pleased to see her dedication towards a visitor….

So, he asked her for a boon, and promised he would surely grant her wish.

“I just have one wish, that is I you could marry you…”

Oh dear. Narada didn’t except her to have such a wish. But on the other hand, a promise if given, is to be kept.

And thereafter, they got married. Soon they had children, and even grandchildren and were a joyful family.

Then one day, out of no where a flood hit the dessert. Yes, a flood in the dessert.

The whole family was taken by the tremendous flow of water, screaming and yelling for help until when Narada got slapped by the water, under a tree.

Where he saw Krishna.

“Narada, I was feeling very thirsty. Can you get some water?”

Narada got it at once.

“So, want to know more about my Maya?” Asked Krishna, teasingly.

“No, Prabhu! Now my curiosity is all fulfilled!” Exclaimed Narada.

So, now if even Rishi Narada was outwitted by Krishna’s Maya, then we are humans!

But then, why did Bhagwan Krishna even create it?

To bring us near him, near Krishna.

The only way to not get out witted from Maya is to go on the path of Krishna, Path of spirituality, path on which we get connected to God, connected to ourselves.

Even if you don’t want to separate from the material world, even if you get connected to God for just 10%, you might be able to feel the and experience the magic. But only when while you put all your mind, heart and soul in that 10% of yours.


Aadya Singh


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  1. Very wise words. I am truly surprised at this age you can understand and write about Maya so beautifully.

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  2. Thankyou for sharing this. So wonderful

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Aadya singh says:

      Thanks alot!!

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  3. How lovely.

    There was only one God who could play with Maya even without getting involved in it- Krishna.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Aadya singh says:

      So true… Thanks alot for your kind words!🤗👍

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