Here it goes…

So, Welcome to my site once again guys!

The year 2021 is a new hope for all of us after this big pandemic. Specially for students like me, a hope to be able to get to go to school, meet our friends in person.

So along with it acadmic sessions are also beginning. And now I am promoted to a higher grade, 7th.

My classes are once again going to begin from 5 april, and so I won’t be able to be that available for my blog.

For, My goal is to better from the earlier year.

After some time, I will of course resume, and will always be there to answer your comments and feedbacks.

So Till then, chao!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Jyothi says:

    Keep going!

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    1. Aadya singh says:

      Sure will, Ms.Jyothi!

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  2. Best wishes for your classes.

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  3. ashok says:

    All the best Aadya. My granddaughter has gone to 8th 😊

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    1. Aadya singh says:

      Thanks alot for the blessings,Mr.Ashok!!!

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