My mum’s reaction and incidents that took place after I posted my latest poem, ‘Why do people write.’               Do read till end!

I wrote my poem with a light heart and recited it to my MATERNAL GREAT-GRAND-FATHER that is my Mother’s Maternal Grand Father that is my Maternal Grandmother’s Father. You got it? Didn’t you?

Now I was going to recite it to one more family member, when I didn’t get the words right I went to mumma , got her phone and as i said ‘Why do people write’ she began with her own ‘Why do people write’! Here is how it goes-

Why do people write?

To make them understand what they write

Why do people write, because the pajama is so tight!

Usually why do people write, sometimes i  think when they miss their flight!

why do people write

when they have a fight with the wife!

And soooooo onnn….

You know, Motherly Love.


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  1. Aadya singh says:

    Have you ever had such reactions ever with Motherly Love?


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