Embarassing moments…

Didn’t get it? Let me explain…


Now, one day I went to the market, to get my medicines.

I asked the shopkeeper, he said ‘ Madam, right now we  are out of stock. The medicines will be coming after 12 days, on 17 December’.

“Ok bhaiya” I replied and went home.

After 10 days, I went back to him to buy some other things. While leaving, I asked him again,-‘ Bhaiya,the medicines will come day after tommorow, no?’

“Yes, yes madam! You stay carefree! You will get them on 17 December, if you want even when the cock crows at that first beam of sun, you can get it !” He boasted.

I nodded , and left.

When I came on the 17 December, well not exactly when the cock crowed, that man was saying that now I can’t get the medicines!

I yelled” What!?” So loudly, catching everyone’s eye, who was there at the store.

I then simply, and cly asked again, ” Kyon bhaiya? Why brother?”

He also replied simply and calmly, ” I said you to come in the morning! Now the delivery man is gone, and so are the medicines!”

I yelled again:

Again catching everyone’s eyes;



He was making faces like a soaked cat, ” Arre. Bhainji, I was just Kidding!

I was FLABBERGASTED. It’s okay that he joked, but what about the impression of mine it caused to the people! Doesn’t he know ‘The first impression is the last impression “?

So, has ever this happened to you? I know, different people have different embarrassments.

Well, then now,



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