My dream job…

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(that’s what I am deciding to do…)

Good day, a dear reader! Today I am going to write about my dream job. So if I tell you I want to be a businesswoman and be a writer. But also I have one company in mind where I want to work when I grow up. It’s the Vat19 company Of USA, known for its curiously awesome gifts. I chose that place Because they create things and videos as such never made in the whole wide world till date. If dear reader, you are one of the employees of Vat19, so I love you guys! I do. I am one of the most updated subscribers of the channel…

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Now, why I chose to work in the USA only when I have other choices in India as well?
So, that’s because I want to live abroad somehow and shine. I can do it in India as well when I grow up, but still, I have a goal set to study and work abroad. I might choose the United Kingdom for my studies and United States for work. Might sound funny that I am making these plans at such a young age? But that is because it is considered by my teachers and my family members that these school years, from 6th to 12th are the most important years of life. And they are! We have to decide what are we going to do when we grow up in these years, don’t we?

So, if you dear reader, are a student like me, what do you wanna do when you grow up? Mention in the comments!
Till then, Keep Reading, Keep Smiling!


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