We 6!

There are 6 students in this story

Mila: The brilliant student (Narrator)
Roy: The bookworm
Deary: The politest boy
Lucas: Who always tells the truth
Rossette: The one who is always confused
Moly: Mila’s twin sister.

So, it all started at my school. We all were seated and were a morning chat, waiting for Mistress Plum.
We usually had morning chats like this, we boasted to others, but this was for the first time we ever had it.
And all because today the rest of the class was gone on the school trip to Los Angeles, and we 6 were back at Sacramento, where our school was situated.
Only we didn’t go on the trip. And all because, you got it, our parents didn’t allow us so.
But we knew why they didn’t, because of our safety as they loved us. So, it was long and Mistress Plum wasn’t still there.
” I think we should go and check in the washroom. No. In the staff room. No way!” Said Rossette confused. As always.
“Why? The staff room is the only place she can be!” Sais Mila( that’s me!) , confidently. As always…

Rest to be Coming soon…


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