Ticket Album

Here’s a story was written by Mr. Sundara Ramaswamy Ji about a boy and his ticket album. It is originally written in Tamil and translated into Hindi by Sumati Iyer. Hereby I write an English and my version of the same. I did use a little help of the translators, but mainly translated on my own.

Nobody asks Rajappa now. Nowadays everyone surrounds Nagarajan. “Nagarajan is now arrogant” Rajappa wandered around telling the boys. But where do the boys pay attention to his words! Nagarajan’s maternal uncle sent an album from Singapore which he used to show the boys. By the time the first bell rang in the morning, all the boys surrounded Nagarajan and stared at the album. Even during the half-holiday, the boys would be seen around him. Some even used to follow him to his house in groups. Nagarajan calmly used to show them the album, but never let them even touch it. Kept the album in his lap, and used to show them page by page and boys always smiled in glee…

Join me on this post tomorrow at 2 pm to know what happens next…

I know, I know. ‘Am Late again. Well, let it be. Let’s see what incidence takes place next.

smiled with glee…Moreover, even the girls were as curious as the boys to gape the album. Parvati stood as the girls’ leader and stepped to Nagarajan for the album. The girls were to be known for having fast-paced behavior. So did Nagarajan that he covered his album and handed over it to the girls. ‘Till the evening did the girls kept on flipping the pages of the beautiful album, and returned to its owner in the evening. Now nobody even thought about Rajappa’s album. If anytime they did, only to compare it with Nagarajan’s, and always saying bad about it. Rajappa has owned a lot of respect in the boys’ group. Like a honeybee, one by one he collected those stamps. This was a thing he had from heart, the only passion he had. He stood awake at 8 in the morning and would start. Used to round up at all the stamp collecting boys’ houses.

join me for the rest soon…


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