You can only be you…

Has it ever happened that you think of ways that lead you to success, and there you try to do every thing as some person who is better than you or inspires you? We should always make and create our own ways to do things, even for success. Now This doesn’t mean not to have a person who motivates or inspires you. To understand this concept better, all you need is a mobile phone with YouTube app downloaded in it.

Only you can help yoursel... | Quotes & Writings by Komal Mittal | YourQuote

Search for “Thomas and friends song you can only be you” and play and here it is. Even if youn read the lyrics you somehow will get inspired to get creative and let out your own ideas. It helps me, so it might work on you too, here’s how it goes like:

Thomas & Friends UK | Be Who You Are, And Go Far 🎵Song Compilation | The  Great Race | Songs for Kids - YouTube

Ashima: Every engine that I ever knew
Was at least a little different from the others
And somewhere very, very different too
Even from their sisters and their brothers

You can only be you
There’s nothing else you can possibly do
.It’s clear to me that you’re trying too hard
So instead just be who you are

Thomas(Spoken): I don’t wanna be me!

Ashima: You wish you could be
Faster, bigger, stronger
You wish you could have more
Than six small wheels
You think if you were just a little longer
You’d have more railway show appeal.

Thomas: Of course!
Every bit of me is short and stumpy!
My funnel and my boiler and my dome!

Can’t you see my paintwork’s old and frampy
That’s why I’ll be the one who’s left at home

Why do I have to be me?
Is this what I’m really meant to be?
Break me, Shake me
Take me all apart
And find a better place to start!

Ashima: Every bit of
You is neat and tidy
There’s nothing that you
Need to rearrange

If you ask me
You’re completely bona-fide!
What makes you think there’s anything to change?

Thomas: Why do I have to be me?
Is this what I’m really meant to be?

Ashima: Calm down! Be quiet!
You know in your heart
There really isn’t any other place to start

Thomas (Ashima in Parentheses): Why do I have to be me?(You can only be you.)
Is this what I’m really meant to be
(There’s nothing else you can do.)
Break me, shake me
Take me all apart
And find a better place to start!

Ashima:You don’t have to try
Just be who you are
And trust you six small wheels to take you far!

Hope it helps and makes you smile!

Good day!


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