100th Post!!!Plus how I found a writer inside me and how I started up with my blog.

The Writer Inside Me - Home | Facebook

Hello everybody, good day! As you all must be informed that I love to write. I used to even write stories and poems when I was in class 1 and 2.

So it went for many years that I kept writing and writing in some of my rough notebooks then one day during the lock down in June I came to my aunt , my maternal aunt who we also say “Masi” in Hindi, that if she would help me in some way that I can the express all my poems and stories on a platform everybody in the whole world can view them and read them . There she gave me the option for WordPress because she also used it before. Then she set up my account and my first post was my poem, ‘ A poem about poems’.

So that was it then I kept on writing and a bonus info:I came up with the poem about poems about when I was taking a shower! I know that’s quite unusual but yes, I get the ideas in every day chores and things. So, that’s my story till now. Thank you so much as I am received a lot of love and help from all of you and I really really thank you for encouraging me for keep on writing and writing that made this HUNDREDTH post possible! thank you!


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