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What is life? Life is where you live yourself. All the lives of the all the 7.8 Billion people in the world, individually resembles a book. On one page an incidence is taking place weather good or bad , and on the next page we don’t know , it can be just the opposite.

All because we don’t know what will happen the next day. Well, the next day is way to far, next hour, next minute, next second, next moment, we don’t know what will happen. Maybe you have a plan to go to a holiday suddenly, or your boss who is mostly grumpy turns out be a good and nice person and gives you your salary on time for the first time; these are just few of the situations, and no idea if they will happen or not! So, we should live every ,moment of our life as in it is our last moment. Not scaring , just telling you that if you will just try this thing, you will live your life in the most beautiful way.

Last moment doesn’t quite mean do every thing you need to in your whole life that sec! No way! IT means to be as happy and as focused and jolly as possible in that moment, doesn’t ,matter what your doing.

This what I basically mean what I wrote.
You are the Only Person Who Can Change Your Life | Amanda Krill

Read these 2 pictures and I am sure they will help you some how.

I hope that through this post you were helped and smiled. Well then, Keep Reading, Keep Smiling!

-Aadya Singh


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