The Affluent Friend


Here’s a story by me as in a common old man .Hope you like it.

It was a pleasant morning. Winds were blowing, birds were perching and chirping on the cherry blossom tree, side my cottage.

Everything was just the way it should be .On such a beautiful day many thoughts and memories of my childhood flooded my head.

I remembered all my friends & my best pal that was no one but Rahul. We always helped each other & had a nice time together. It was sad as we grew apart when me and my family had to move back to Shillong.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang and as Elaka ,my wife opened the door, from far I could see a very familiar figure. After some time through the way how the man walked and talked , I found out it was no one else than Rahul himself!

We chatted and had a lovely time but as we came near the topic how i can help him and why he had come all the way from Madhya Pradesh to Shillong, he grew tense.

He told him how his dad expired in a car accident and how his mother left him forever due to accute illness. How is aunt nurtured him as her own child & how he is really in need for money.

I whose ears couldn’t believe all this agreed to give him money on one condition, that Rahul will have to return me that amount of money some day or the other. All because I also had some financial issues. Rahul hesitated a bit, but then he happily agreed.

Time went by and we grew apart again and soon from the words of the people i found that Rahul now turned out to be a very affluent man and lived joyfully with his wife and children.

I who couldn’t leave Shillong really wanted to meet the old buddy of mine again. I wrote and called him millions and trillions of time and never talked about the money I lent him, he never called or wrote back and probably forgot his old friend.

Than after that life was going good . By the grace of god, our daughter, Amelia got married after some years and also had a good job.

Then one day we had another knock on our door. After Amelia Twisted the doorknob and just unlocked the door, some man came running and hugged me .I was pretty confused but still consoled the latter.

Soon after it was found that man was no one else than the big affluent friend of mine .He told me how as once he was reading his diary he remembered all things and how I helped him. He apologized and I happily accepted. He also got the money he borrowed, but I let him keep it. Then we again had a lovely time and never grew apart again!

-By Aadya Singh


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  1. pallcrayon says:

    Truly meaningful! Loved it!!!

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    1. Aadya singh says:

      Thanks alot , Ms Pallavi!!! ☺️👍

      Liked by 1 person

      1. pallcrayon says:

        Oh just appreciating the wonderful talent you have!!! Well, your most welcome!

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