Hey guys! Whatsapp? I hope you dear reader is all well & jolly.

Well, you see since christmas is near, the environment is very jolly and fun, but at the the moment we are here to talk about our favorite time of the year; like you now favorite weather,season,festival,food and you know the rest. (You can simply get the idea from the pic n the title….it is quite obvious I guess….dont mind the options of share , download and whatever ,you know as I took the pic for google)

So if you talk about MY favorite time of the year, you could talk about summer.

(Well, this pic is also taken from google)

I love summer!

Cause we get to eat so many superly simple yet delicious cold treats and beverages like ice cream and juice and cold coffee and…wait! I am not going to give more examples because it is winter going on and it wont be right for my mouth to water for these treats now…

Well,my favorite things are not just related food… Even when I m a very big foodie!

On the other hand , I like summer as I LoVE WATER!

I took this pic of the character happy from my favorite show hey duggee.

You know also to have and have fun! You get what I mean? You got. Didn’t you?

Anyway, I will have to admit that winter is also nice you know. There is nothing better than a hot shower and a warm bubble bath like the one I had this morning on such a chilly day!

Well, what is your favorite time of the year?Mention in the comments and Your Name can be mentioned in my next post!

Till then , Chao!


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