As our Exams Ended…


As our exams ended, plus after a long weekend of Friday, Saturday and Sunday,

Came the working day of Monday.

‘Cuz of my habit of being late, the first class I missed,

‘If it was a day off,’ I wished.

After Math it was Science and then S.S.T.,

I missed the German class,& all these which pleased me.

In Science it was our class teacher,

And yes, it was a bit creepier!

By default in answering as we turned the class to a fish market,

She said ‘Here you all say let me tell, I know, I Know, but in exams there is nothing but a zero!’

We paused,we sighed , all in woe.

These exams are same for each, but you see ,it fells good with nice results, Exams are really not a breech!

-Aadya Singh


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  1. harshprakash0509 says:

    Good Aadya

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