My lil brother’s birthday

  • You see, there are quiet some birthday months in my family. If we see the birthdays of some family members like granny ,grampy ,Granma ,grandpa, uncles, aunts, cousins etc. all of their birthdays come in June, July, May, September, November and are mostly not continuous. But as you must have observed that I have not included me, my little brother, mum and dad in this list. We are the ones having PROPER BIRTHDAY MONTHS. Papa’s birthday in August, Mom n’ mine in September and my lil bro’s in October. Today is my lil brother’s birthday, so its the end of the birthday months for this year.

So, well I know I’m updating this post quite late, but its OK. It all went like this…

”It was a quite morning, but there was something special about it , I felt inside. It was quite magical when…”It did not went like this At All, like it is in most stories, essays, diaries, or whatever kind of reading material you call it. So it was Friday, my favorite day of the week cause’ its our guitar classes in school today(ONLINE LEARNING) and nothing else was so special about the usual day except…It was Aayushmaan’s(my lil bro)birthday! ‘Quite a special day’ I thought…

Well, its gonna be long, very loong , very very looong, so I think its enough for long .I mean now. Catch u up later!


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